Why i quit smoking. Quit Smoking Commercial by Dead Farang.

I quit smoking cigarettes on July 6th 2006, 1 month before i went to Thailand on a holiday. I was low on spending money for my holiday and needed to save money fast. The best way at the time was to quit smoking. I have not smoked a cigarette since that day. i remember the exact date because it was 1 month before my holiday and i was low on cash. I flew out on August 6th 2006.

Smoking related diseases directly kills over 50% of smokers. Yes, we all die eventually but why die from a smoking related death when you don’t have to. Imagine living and extra 1,2,3,5 even 10 years of healthy life for the simple fact that you don’t smoke. How much do you value your life? You cannot put a price on your health.

If you quit smoking you reduce your risk of cancer dramatically.

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