Thailand Military Coup May 2014. What was on TV?

On 22 May 2014, the Royal Thai Armed Forces launched a coup against the caretaker government of Thailand, The military established a junta called National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to govern the nation.

Martial Law was declared, national curfews enforced, political gatherings were banned, imposed internet censorship and took control of the media, including all TV stations and channels.

I was in Pattaya during this time. I had just been to see a movie at Central festival Shopping mall. When we came out of the cinema i noticed there was not many people around, and the time was only about 8pm. I thought this was a bit weird.

It was not until we were in the elevator that we were told by some Thai people was was going on. We then made out way towards 2nd Road and as we got there the notorious Tim “Sharky” Ward was just pulling up outside Central on the back of a mototaxi. I had met Sharky once before in a gym on Walking Street and i didn’t have a camera on me that time. He was in between sets and he was watching Australia Vs New Zealand on the TV. This was my chance to get a photo with him. Hey Sharky, Whats going on? i asked him. He was unsure what was happening. I told him martial law had been imposed. He was not happy because he was on his way to his favourite restaurant inside Central but was unable to go now because everything was being closed for the night. Sharky then says to me “Where are we going to eat?. haha.

When i returned to my room this is what was on TV. I decided to record it as it was a rare event and something i wanted to document. Please see youtube video below.

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