Trapped in a Pattaya Elevator – I’m going to die!

Mike Shopping Mall is a 10 story shopping mall in the middle of Pattaya. I had been swimming at the public pool during the day and was leaving at about 5:30pm when i got into the elevator. I selected ground level and the elevator began to move. After about 5 seconds it came to a stop.

Level 1 to 5 are a shopping mall.
Levels 6 to 9 are derelict and not in use.
Level 10 is a swimming pool.

The digital reading was showing i was on level 9, but i wasnt sure if that meant i was between levels 10 and 9, or between 9 and 8. These levels have no one on them, the walls are concrete and very thick and inside the elevator was hot and muggy, there was almost no ventilation. I am not the type of person to be claustrophobic but in this situation i began to have a panic attack.

After yelling and bashing on walls i got a response, but was still worried as the air was hot and i thought i might be stuck in the elevator for a very long time.

The elevator alarm and emergency button were not working.

After about 5 minutes of yelling and screaming help, i got a response. Even then i was still worried it might take hours to get me out. After 30-40 mins the doors were opened and i was free.

For the next week whenever there was an elevator i took the stairs instead. It is fair to say that i was psychologically scarred from this experience. I have overcome the fear of elevators now as i know the odds of it happening again are very small.

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