Thailand Tsunami Survivor Story from 2004 Boxing Day Asian Tsunami (2015)

A true hero from the Tsunami that killed 300,000 people.

In this episode i speak with Bert, a family friend who survived the 2004 Boxing Day Thailand Tsunami. Bert was the manager of a resort in Thailand on a small island named Koh Pra Thong when the Tsunami hit Thailand.

Koh Pra Thong is situated 2 hours North of Khao Lak and 3 hours North of Phuket on the Andaman Sea in Thailand.

By the time the Tsunami first washed Bert away to the time he made it back to land was 3 hours and a few minutes. Bert struggled his way back to land through the debris in the water.

When he was back on land he could see that the beautiful Thai island Koh Pra Thong had been wiped out. He eventually met with some of his hotel guests who took him to the hilltop where most of the survivors had gathered.

Afetr spending the night on the hill top, the Thai rescue services and Thai military came and rescued all those who were stranded on Koh Prathong.

Bert is a true unsung hero from that day. Without Bert’s quick thinking to instruct everyone off the beach and up the hill the death toll from the Tsunami would of been much greater. Out of 150 guests and staff the total death toll was 13 people. 9 guests including a small baby that has never been found and 4 staff.

In the days following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand Bert was at a temple everyday to help identify the bodies of hotel guests and staff. He also managed the belongings found on the body’s and helped with the return of body’s to the families of the dead.

Please give bet a huge “THUMBS UP” for his amazing Tsunami survival story and the amazing work he done in the days that followed the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand. Thanks for watching

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