Thai Street Food Ice Cream. Best Value Ice Cream in Thailand

Chocolate, Coconut or Vanilla. Only $1 USD

I bought this delicious Ice Cream from this Thai street food vendor whilst walking along LK Metro in Pattaya Thailand. It was a 30+ degree hot day, no wind and no clouds in the sky, the perfect day for an Ice Cream from a Thai street food vendor. I love buying and trying the flavours from these little food carts that can be found all over on the streets of Thailand.

The ice Cream lady had 4 different sizes to choose from. There was a large tub for 30 baht, small tub for 20 baht, Waffle Cone for 15 baht and small cone for 10 baht. This ice cream street vendor was also offering 3 different flavored ice creams. She was selling chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream and coconut ice cream.

I chose the large tub of ice cream for 30 baht and asked for all 3 flavors. It was topped with a thick, rick chocolate sauce. If you were to buy this same size ice cream on Walking Street you could expect to pay 120 baht or even more.

If you are in the LK metro, Soi Diana, Soi Buakhao area and you see this street vendor selling ice cream, get in there and give it a try, support the honest, local, hard working Thai people who work long hours in the killer hear for little money.

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