Thai Sexy Coyote Dancer at Insomnia Pattaya

beautiful Thai Girls dancing everywhere

Thai girl coyote dancers can be seen at Club Insomnia Nightclub which is on Walking Street in Pattaya Thailand. Club Insomnia nightclub is on the 2nd floor, above ibar. Thai coyote dancers can be seen every night dancing into the early morning on the dance podiums on the dance floor.

The Thai girl coyote dancers rotate every 3 or 4 songs on the podiums. When the coyote dancers are not dancing they sit near by mingling with the crowd. This is a good opportunity to buy them a drink and say hi 🙂

Club Insomnia nightclub is a good place to go if you are looking for freelancers. Insomnia starts to get really busy in the early morning. I estimate this video was taken about 11:30-12:30. It is a nightclub, not an agogo bar. There is no bar fine system. The customers vary from all ages and nationality’s.

Club Insomnia has 2 entrances. You can enter from within Ibar which is below, or you can enter from the main Walking Street entrance.

Happy hours are 10:00 PM TO 12:00AM – 50% off ALL drinks.

You can also visit Club Insomnia in Bangkok Thailand.

If you plan on being a regular visitor it ibar, Club Insomnia Pattaya or Club insomnia Bangkok then it is a good idea to join the irewards card club. The irewards card gives you 20% discount and you earn points. Please ask in the club for more information and how to join.

Coming from Beach Road end, Insomnia is located about 100+ meters on the right hand side. (judging distance has never been one of my strengths)

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