Thai Gold Q & A with John Sukahorn


Thai Gold with John Sukahorn. I ask Sukahorn the following questions. John knows Gold and Thailand very well. He believes the best place to buy gold in Thailand is Chinatown in Bangkok. Sukahorn explains the weight measurement of Gold in Thailand is Baht and the relationship between the Baht weight measurement and the Thai currency. He also gives a great story of using gold in Thailand as currency one night when he didn’t have enough money to pay for his meal.

1. What can you tell us about Thai Gold?
2. Can you describe the purity of Thai Gold?
3. What;s the difference between Thai gold and gold in Western country’s
4. Why is Thai gold a different color?
5. What does Baht mean when talking about gold weight in Thailand
6. Can you make money by buying Gold in Thailand and selling it in your home country.
7. What do Thai people think of Gold that is anything other than 24 Karat Gold.
8. What about Thai scams when buying Gold?

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