Tamarind Guesthouse in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Cheap guesthouse on the famous River Kwai

Tamarind Guesthouse on Mae Nam Kwai Road – Accommodation in Kanchanaburi, Thaiand. As you know, i was recently in Kanchanaburi Province so let me show you where i stayed. The name of the place is Tamarind Guesthouse and it’s on the popular tourist road in Kanchanaburi, Mae Nam Kwai Rd. It is situated on the River Kwai and is about 1.2 to 1.5 kilometers from the famous Bridge over River Kwai.

There is only two 7-Eleven stores on on Mae Nam Kwai Road, and 1 of them is right next door to Tamarind Guesthouse, so very convenient for stocking up on supplies.

I didn’t book a room in advance. I just turned up on the day. The only rooms they had available for the first night, were a twin fan room and a double fan room for 350 baht
which is about $14 AUD. I drew the short straw with Harry so i ended up with the 2 single beds. I don’t mind the fan rooms rooms, but obviously i prefer an air conditioned room. After the first night, an air conditioned room came available and i moved into that. The rooms are very basic. No TV, No Fridge. Just what you would expect for $14 AUD, and YES it is guest friendly.
They are however very clean and i would definitely stay here again.

The price of the air conditioned room was 500 baht or $20 AUD and it had a balcony overlooking the river. This is the room where i sent my resignation to my manager and called my supervisor the next day to make sure they had received it, so JB if your watching this is where i was calling you from. I’ve been telling people at work for over 5+ years that one day i was moving Asia, not sure if anyone actually believed me or they thought i was just another dreamer talking shit but actions speak louder than words and here i am and i coundn’t be happier with my decision.

I did run a speed test on the Wi-Fi and the download speed and upload speed was 13 Mbps. Much faster than the internet i was getting at home.

I must admit, it was really good to come back to the room after a long, hot day and sit on the balcony and have a few Jack Daniels and Coke, and unfortunaltely when i checked-out i left the almost full bottle sitting on the shelf but that’s life and we move on.

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