Swim at Mike Shopping Mall Public Swimming Pool, Pattaya Thailand

BEWARE: I got trapped in the left hand side elevator. Have you seen that video? SCARY!!!

Public Swimming Pool at Mike Shopping Mall in Pattaya Thailand. swimming-pool-pattaya-thailand-mike-shopping-mall

Mike Shopping Mall public swimming pool is on level 10 of Mike Shopping Mall Pattaya Thailand.

Located between Soi 11 and Soi 12 Beach Road and 2nd Road. The opening hours are 11 am until 7 pm.

Thai and Western food can be ordered poolside. Adults entrance fee is 100 baht, Children 80 baht or you can purchase a monthly pass for 1600 baht ( 55-60 baht per day ).

Do not travel in the left hand side elevator. I was trapped in this elevator and would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

Tragically in 2008 a foreigner jumped from the rooftop and was killed instantly.



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  1. Dead Farang…..where do you purchase the pool discount pass….many thanks…bxter

    • Hi Bexter, If you enter Mike Shpping Mall from the 2nd Road side entrance you will see the information deask jsut as you walk in on the right hand side. Speak with them, they might be able to help you. Good luck!

    • Drinks Bars 55 70 Baht Lady Drinks 100 BahtDrinks Show Bars 100 120 BahtFood Thai food good meal 100 200 BahtEnglish 300 800BahtBeer from 7/11 25 BahtCompany Bar 300 baht Bar find + 1000 bahtCompany Show Bar 600 2000 Baht + 1000 3000If you want to live the dream at least a380 100 a day but if you cheap charlie a350 60 a dayPlease do not get drunk or be difsrspecteul to Thai’s as that’s when there is always trouble smile and be polite and you will have no problems.Have a wonderful time in The Land of Smiles

  2. There is a place on Soi Buakow that has a sign saying 200 baht, but it’s a s**thole. Looks like the soon-to-be hlsmeos and skanky short time hookers use it as thier base.I’d hate to see the place someone can get for 150 baht (or less).Next to Tony’s Gym there is a open field that will let you set up a tent for 180 a night, I think they have something set-up so you can shower..Bottle beer in many bars cost 125 baht and you want to stay in a place costing a little more than one beer? I guess that’s what makes the world go round.

  3. Pretty cool video I can’t wait for the trapped in the elevator episode. Lol

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