Sex, Drugs & South East Asia

Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, Maxman, Black Ant King

In this episode we look at some goodies that you might stumble across on your travels in South East Asia.

You can find a large selection of Erectile Dysfunction medication and erectile dysfunction treatments. I don’t take this stuff because i “need “to. I use it to enhance my performance to equal that of a porn star. I can get by without it, but on a 30 day tour it is inevitable that to keep up the pace you are eventually going to need some help 🙂 If you are getting laid once a week then of course you have no need for these erectile dysfunction treatments, but when your trying to get one out 2, 3 times a day over a short period of time these can defiantly help.

Here is a guide to the prices you might expect to pay. Barter hard and you can get them cheaper.

Tiger King – 10 tab, 200 baht
Black Ant King – 10 tab, 200 baht
Kamagra Jelly, 100mg Box of 50, 900 baht
Kamagra Jelly, 100mg, Single, 60-100 baht
Kamagra tab, 100mg, 200 baht for 4
Viagra tab 100mg, 200 baht for 4
Cialis, 20mg, 200 baht for 4
Levitra, 20mg, 200 baht for 4
Cialis, 20mg, 30 tab, 1000 baht
Viagra, 100mg, 30 tab, 1000 baht
Apcalis, 20mg, 200 baht for 4
Developpe Sex Cream, 200 baht per tube.
Spanish Fly, 10ml, 200 baht
Tadalafil, 100mg, 200mg, 500mg, 200 baht for 10
Blue Wizard, 15ml, 200 baht
Maxman Coffee, 100 baht each or 8 for 700
Maxman Capsule, 300 baht for 12
Lovely Girls, 200 baht.

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