Russian Girls in Thailand. Mixx Discotheque Pattaya Thailand.

Sexy Russian Girl Dancing at Mixx Disco Walking Street Pattaya.

Russian Girls in Thailand? Yes or No?

Russian girls in Thailand seem to be a contentious issue. For some reason there is negative stigma associated with going to Thailand and hooking up with a Russian girls. Why got to Thailand for Russian Girls?

You can find beautiful Russian girls all over Thailand in the major tourists destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Ko Samui.

In this video i am at Mixx Discotheque on Walking Street Pattaya Thailand, a well known nightclub that attracts girls from Russia and other East European country’s.

A comment i keep seeing and hearing from people is “Why go all the way to Thailand for Russian women” and so many people support this argument. So lets debate it right here, once and for all.

I go to Thailand for a holiday,. I had been to Thailand a handful of times before i ever got involved with Thai girls and the bar/nightlife scene. For me the Thai girls are just a bonus for everything else i love about Thailand.

If you are visiting Thailand and see an attractive Russian girl why on earth would you say to yourself “There is a beautiful Russian girl, very attraactive, but no i am in Thailand i will not have a crack because she is not Thai. I cannot see any logic in that. A beautiful girl is a beautiful girl, don’t care what country she comes from. Dead Farang does not discriminate. Every country in the world has beautiful women as far as i’m concerned, Russia included.

Another reason, where i come from in Australia i don’t see Russian women, so if i can kill 2 birds with the one stone, to me that just makes perfect sense.

The 3rd reason, its much cheaper to fly to Thailand than Moscow, and if you know me i like value for money so fuck paying for a ticket to Moscow where no one speaks English.

Anyone who is watching this video right now, you cant tell me you would kill this chic out of bed for farting. Any bloke that says he wouldn’t hook up with this chic is a liar.

Here is a scenario. You are visitng thailand for 30 days. You have been eating Thai for the first 20 days and on the 21st night are you going to Thai again? or are you going to eat Steak & Chips, or the Triple Big Mac, a sloppy Pizza or the big dirty greasy Kebab with extra garlic sauce, some thing different. For me, there’s only so many nights i can eat Thai before
i go on the hunt for other cuisines.

At the end of the day does anyone really care what someone else is doing on there holiday. If it’s not harming anyone and between 2 consenting adults then who are we to judge? Especially in a place called Pattaya. Thanks for watching.

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5 Comments on Russian Girls in Thailand. Mixx Discotheque Pattaya Thailand.

  1. Hey,
    Nice post though, Can you tell some hot spots to pick beautiful Russian girls being in Bangkok & Pattaya!

    • The best place in Pattaya to find Russian tourist and Russian freelancers is at Mixx Discotheque. I think Mixx Discotheque in Bangkok would be a good starting point to. Cheers!

  2. DF;
    Great post and finely put out on Russian women. as far as i’m concern, they are the most beautiful ladies in this planet !!!!!

  3. Very nice dancing and moving body excited 🙂 Looks awesome. Much more different, better than Thai girls dancing in gogo bars 🙂

  4. Are the russian girls more expensive?

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