Phuket Street Seller – Toy For Cat

Random Act of Kindness by 2 young Australian's

On a trip to Phuket. Thailand back in 2006, my friend and i noticed this guy selling his little mice and we thought it would be a good toy for a cat. He was sitting there by himself and not making any sales.

Me and my mate we went out of our way and we tracked down a nice big piece of corrugated platic, some art supples and we went back to our hotel and made him a great big sign that said “TOY FOR CAT”

Im not sure he understood what it said at the time, we came back and he had sold about 10-11 in the first hour of having that sing.

It was a surprise and put a huge smile on my face to see him still using the slogan “TOY FOR CAT”. I must give him credit he has improved on it, now opting to use ” TOY FOR PUSSY CAT”.

It was a random act of kindness by 2 young Aussie kids that really left an impression on a complete stranger. I had to share that with you all and in particular my mate BT who i will send this video to.

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