Pattaya Is Dead

Soi 6 to Walking Street on a Baht Bus

This video was taken in early May 2014, before the Military Coup of Thailand 2014. I am on a Baht Baht Bus (songthaew) coming along beach Road from Soi 6 and heading towards Walking Street in Pattaya Thailand. You can see from this video that Pattaya is Dead.

Beach Road and the Soi’s along it are very empty. Not many tourists at all.

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  1. They want to be know for that. I found the following on wiki was a small fhising village until it was discovered as a beach resort by Bangkok residents in the 1960s. Soon thereafter, servicemen from all over Southeast Asia, including the United States Air Force base at U-Tapao in neighbouring Rayong province began using the area for rest and recreation (R R), causing a huge boom in prostitution. When the Americans left following the end of the Vietnam War, the city fell into a crisis. However, modern mass tourism, particularly single men looking for companionship, brought a new lease of life to .

  2. Off to Patts next week. Saw this was uploaded yesterday, and when you said it was recorded in MAY…..sort of killed the Buzz!! But hey….thanks. I like some of you other uploads better though!! :)

    • Hi K, That is one of my earlier videos. I am updating the website with all the videos that are not on here yet. Have a good holiday! Regards DF

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