One Man Band Thai Style Soi Diana Pattaya Thailand

Sight Imapired Busker in Thailand.

One man band Thai Style. i found this busker on Soi Diana Pattaya Thailand.

You see this type of busker occasionally in Thailand walking the streets and accepting donations. I am under the impression that most of the guys you see playing like this are vision impaired. I don’t think this is some type of “trick” designed to suck money from the tourist as some people have told me.

If it was some type of “trick” then the Thai people would be aware of it and the two Thai people wouldn’t of given there money as was seen in this video.

Everyone is entitled to earn money. If you see one of these guys walking around the streets of Thailand and adding to the Thai street vibe that we love, please spare them some loose change.

Have an awesome time in Thailand and stay tuned, i will be back soon with more videos. Thanks for watching.

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