Money in Cambodia. How it works.

USD Vs Riel

The local currency in Cambodia is called Cambodian Riel. It’s value is 4000 Cambodian Riel to $1 USD. In Cambodia they use a combination of both USD & Cambodian Riel. It is not un-common to pay for something in USD and get Khmer Riel change or vice-vera. You might even receive your change in a combination of both Riel and USD.

Using money in Cambodia can be a little tricky and confusing, especially if you are not good at numbers. Take your time and make sure you are given correct change when buying in Cambodia. Generally the Khmer people are very honest but late at night in a drunken state you might easily be short changed at the local beach bars in Sihanoukville if you are not careful.

The common Cambodian Riel bank notes you might come across in your travels of Cambodia are as follows:

20,000 Cambodian Riel = $5 USD
10,000 Cambodian Riel = $2.50 USD
5,000 Cambodian Riel = $1.25 USD
2,000 Cambodian = $0.50 USD
1,000 Cambodian = $0.25 USD
500 Cambodian = $0.125 USD
100 Cambodian = $0.025 USD

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