Midget Boxing – The Thriller in Manila

This was the shortest Boxing match in history. Only 1 Round )

Midget Boxing at The Ringside Bar. Located on P.Burgos Street, the nightlife entertainment street in Makati City, Manila, The Philippines. The other night i was out on P Burgos Street in Makati, Manila sampling some on the nightlife in Manila Philippines when i noticed a sign advertising Midget Boxing.

As a boxing fan, how could i pass up that. The name of the bar is The Ringside Bar, and its located on P.Burgos Street in Makati. Manila, The Philippines. P.Burgos Street is well known as the red light district, entertainment area in Makati, Manila. So I’ve gone inside for a look, sat down Ringside, ordered a beer and about 20 minutes later the midget boxing kicked off.I was a little bit disappointed, they only fought for 1 round and there only the 1 act.

To be honest with you, there were some girls dancing around the bar and in the ring prior to the midget boxing,. I cant really comment on the quality because i was paying more attention the Manny Pacquiao fights that were playing on the TV screens situated around the bar. i do like to watch boxing, but i haven’t seen to much of Pacquiao over the years. It was good to sit back and watch him work some of his magic whilst drinking some beers in the his country.

Obviously this is an exhibition boxing match, they are not going hammer and thongs. I’m not sure how many times they do this a night, but if you can imagine 2 midgets boxing, going toe – toe, hammer and tongs 3 to 4 rounds, every night, every day of the week, then it is bound to do some damage over a long period of time, so i understand that, it is purely for entertainment purposes only. I did get a little bit of a laugh out of it, it was a little bit amusing.

So for the Midget Boxing, check out The Ringside Bar on P.Burgos Street in Makati, but don’t set your expectations to high and definitely don’t expect another thriller in Manila.

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