When i met Rob from 20 Seconds in Thailand in Chiang Mai

I prank Rob, pretending to be Bangkok112

On a recent visit to Chiang Mai i was walking the streets and bumped into Rob from 20 Seconds in Thailand. I went and introduced myself. Rob was quite surprised and invited me to sit and chat over a few beers.

It was great to chat with another Youtuber. We had discussed many different things about youtube, and other channels including Bangkok112. After an hour or so i thought it would be a good idea to prank Rob and pretend i was Bangkok112. The look on Rob’s face once he realised that i might be Bangkok112 was priceless. Sorry i didnt capture that on film, but you can imagine he was quite shocked and excited at the same time.

I found Rob to be a very genuine guy and even more funny in real life than he is in his videos. For more info on Rob from 20 Seconds in Thailand and his day to day life in Thailand, please visit his channel and don’t forget subscribe.

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