How to make Pad Krapow – Stir Fried Chilli & Basil

My favourite Thai dish of all time.

How to make Pad Kra Pao. Stir Fried – Basil. I did promise earlier on in my other Pad Kra Pao video that i would show you my recipe and how i make Pad Kra Pao, unfortunately time got the better of me in Melbourne and i never had to time to make that video.

On my recent visit to Patong Phuket at the Mailin Night Market i found a Thai street food vendor selling Pad Kra Pao and her recipe is almost identical to mine. There is only 2 differences and i will explain that when we get to it. The thing about Pad Kra Pao is, you can order it at 10 different Thai restaurants and you will get it served 10 different ways.

Pad Kapow Pork is my favourite Thai food. In this video she uses chicken. I prefer it with pork, and only with pork. I only ever eat this Pad Kra Pao with Pork.

She also serves it here with an egg on top which when included to the name it becomes Pad Kapow Kai Dow, The actually dish is Phad Kra Pao, but if you get it an egg on top it becomes
“Pad Kra Pao Kai Dow”. The literal meaning of “Kai Dow” is “Egg Star”, so the full English translation is “stir fried basil egg star”

I only make this dish using extra lean pork mince. I like to buy the extra lean pork mince from Coles supermarket in Australia. It cost $6 for 500 grams and i use the whole 500 grams when i make this. This will get me 3 or 4 serves and sometimes i would freeze them up and take them to work for lunch. This recipe is from my Thai friend Pongsak who i have spoken about a few times, who owned 2 Thai restaurants in Melbourne.

Start by cooking the meat, add garlic, followed by the chilli. You can add as much or as little chilli as you like depending on your tolerance for spiciness, but generally this dish is spicy, so the more the merrier. The 3 sauces you need are oyster sauce, fish sauce and soy sauce.

Stir fry it until the meat is 98% cooked then add you the vegeatables. She adds baby corn which i never used, but i did use green beans, bamboo shoots and red capsicum. Add a bit of sugar to add some sweetness, and a little bit of fish sauce and tiny bit of soy sauce. What you can do is have a little taste of the juice and see how it tatses and vary it to your liking. Finally you add the Thai basil with has a beautiful aroma and a nice licroricey taste.

So basically that is my exact recipe, minus the baby corn and exchanging the chicken with extra lean pork mince and adding red capsicum.

Don’t be afraid to try this at home. I was a beginner at this once upon at time, now it is my signature Thai dish, serve it over some steaming hot jasmine rice, or pack it into some containers, freeze them up in the freezer and pull them out whenever you feel like some Pad Kra Pao.

There you have the Dead Farang Pad Kra Pao recipe. Don’t go to heavy with the oyster or soy sauce. In terms of volume i would add more fish sauce, less oyster sauce, and even less soy. It is all trial and error, but dont go to heavy to early or you can ruin it, and sometimes theres no turning back once thats done.

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