Lightning Show on Koh Rong, Cambodia

Mother nature putting on a display.

I recorded this lightning show on Koh Rong in Cambodia. I watched the original footage and decided it was not good enough to upload to my youtube channel. However once i cut out some of the empty spots and added some music it passed my stringent quality control.

The original clip was 10 minutes. During this time the lightning changed colour from white to yellow to red. I have only used the red lightning in this video as it gives the best effect. The red lightning was the last part of the video. Although this video is edited the lightning show itself was still amazing to watch.

There was no thunder at all during this lightning show. I have since found out that if the thunder storm is more than 7 km away then you will not hear the thunder from the lightning.

How can you not enjoy watching something like this. The more time i spend travelling, the more time i have to think, and the more i think the more i am in awe of this planet we live on.

I can’t sing, I can’t paint, I cant play an instrument, i cant dance but i can make youtube videos.

i didn’t want this footage to got waste and i also didn’t want to upload the raw footage as that alone wouldn’t pass the stringent quality control that i place on my channel, however add some dramatic music, slightly edited and here you have a Dead Farang modern day piece of art in the virtual world we live in.

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