Khmer Street Kid Gives Me His Word

A man word is his bond. Honour, Trust & Integrity

Generally, I don’t like to give money to these street kids, as it only encourages them more, when i would much prefer them to be home sleeping, and getting ready for school the next day but i am a big believer in TRUST, HONOUR & INTEGRITY.

If you say your going to do something, then you do it.

When he gave me his word, i took it on face value. I believe a man’s word is his bond. A man without his word is not really a man.

This kid tried to sell me a bracelet early in the day on the beach. When i declined he introduced himself and said when i want a bracelet to buy it from him. When i seen him later in the night it was in the locals bars. I told him to go home and sleep. I think he makes half decent money. He was wearing nice clothes, had recently been to a hair dresser, was wearing a watch with a fancy ear ring and well dressed in clean clothes.

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