Khao Man Gai – ( Hainanese Chicken & Rice )

My favourite Khao Man Gai in Thailand.

Khao Man Gai being prepared at the food court at Central Festival Shopping Center in Pattaya Thailand. Khao Man Gai is a plain and simple dish of chicken and rice.

I have eaten Khao Man Gai all over Thailand and it is my strong opinion that this is the best quality i have ever had. I always ask no skin when ordering Khao Man Gai in Thaland. Even the rice here is great quality and has a light flavour that i have not experienced in other eatery’s. This dish is served with a bowl of clear chick broth, cucumber and a unique sauce. The lean chicken breast is always good quality with no slimy fatty bits.

Buying Khao man Gai at Central Festival Pattaya

Thai Chef preparing Khao Man Gai Chicken and Rice at Central Festival in Pattaya Thailand.

This serving cost 50 baht per serve ( $1.50 USD / $1.66 AUD ). If you want a bigger serve they have them for 120 baht and 150 baht. It is good for a light clean snack. It does not satisfy my appetite for the night after i eat it.

Khao Man Gai is very popular with bodybuilder, athletes and people trying to loose weight as it is a lean protein dish served with rice.

Ask for “Khao Man Gai Mai Nung” “Mai Nung” means “no skin” for a healthier version of Khao Man Gai.

If you haven’t already tried it, give it a go. You wont be disappointed. Watch the video below for the best Khao Man Gai in Thailand.

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  1. khao man gai is for cheap charlies i bet you eat it with a 7 baht bottle of singha water.

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