Karon & Kata Beach, PHUKET

A nice getaway from Patong Beach

Karon Beach & Kata Beach are south of Patong Beach on the Island of Phuket Thailand. I decided to take a day trip and go check them out. I was told there was a public bus that went that way but once i hit the streets i found out the only public bus went to Phuket Town. The price for that bus is 30 or 35 Baht and the trip can take up to 1 hour or more.

I eventually decided to take a taxi. The drivers starting price was 400 Baht to Kata beach. I negotiated with him and finally we agreed on 300 baht and he would stop at Karon beach for 20 minutes so i could get some footage, before taking me to Kata beach.

Once i arrived at Kata Beach, i was starving so i found a nice little restaurant where they have a surf pool. I ordered a Thai Green Curry and the perice was 160 Baht. I sat and ate while watching 2 guys have some fun in the surf pool.

I stayed at Karon beach for about 2 and half hours. When i decided to ome home i enquired about the price of a tuk-tuk from karon to Patong. They lady told me it would cost 500 baht and she did not want to negotiate. I decided to take the public bus from Karon to Kata which cost 35 Baht. I do not reccomend using this public service if you are in a rush or have to be somewhere urgently. It travels very slow. The total time from Karon to Kata on the public bus was about 15-20 minutes.

When i got off the bus at Kata i was quoted 250 for tuk-tuk to Patong Beach. I decided to start walking towards Patong. I walked up this big hill and took some shade outside a Resort. After some minutes i attracted the attention of an empty tuk-tuk. He pulled over and i negotiated 100 Baht back to Patong.

1 thing i miss is the beach deck chairs and umbrellas. These were an awesome thing for Thailand IMO. Now i avoid the beachs as everyone is fighting for the shade but overall i had a good day.

Total cost of transport was 300+35+100= 435 Baht.

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