Kampot Cambodia River Cruise

Best value for money trip in SE Asia

Kampot Cambodia Sunset River Cruise – In this episode i’m heading off down the Kampot River in Kampot Province in Cambodia to check out the sunet over the Bokor Mountain.

All up its a 2 hours trip. We travel 1 hour down the Kampot River, fairly slowly, its a nice scenic view along the way, not to fast and quite relaxing with a few beers before tourning around to view the magnificant sunset.

I did say at the start i wanted to be on the boat with all the people, but at end of it i was happy to have shared this long tail boat with only 3 other people. Less is sometimes more.

There is plenty of cheap accommodation along the Kampot River that attracts a lot of the backpacking crowd. I spent 2 nights in the main area of Kampot Cambodia, then i checked out of Paris Guesthouse ($8 USD) and moved to the other side of the river. It’s much quieter where i am now and that’s what i want and i’m loving it. It is low season so things are really cheap at the moment. My room now is $15 USD per night.

Another thing they do on this tour is show you the fire flys. This is only the 2nd time i have seen a firefly in my life, the other time was when my mate found a single firefly at atong Merlin Hotel in Phuket Thailand. There was only 1 tree along the Kampot River that had fire flys which i though was quite amazing.

At one stage down Kampot River we pulled over, it went silent, i was taking in the scenery and about 2 minutes later i finally realised the reason the driver cut the engine was we hit a snag, the propeller had got tangled in a plant prong. Eventually the problem was fixed and we off again on our way.

I was in a really good mood, i was having a few beers, it was really peaceful, there were not many other boats around, the sun was going dow, it was warm and im cruising along the Kampot River in Kampot Cambodia, and my alarm is not set and i don’t have to get up for work tomorrow. Life is good!!!

For $5 USD, the Kampot River Susnet Crusie in Kampot Cambodia has to be the best value for money tour in Sth East Asia i have been on. All up it is 2 hours of your time, you get 1 free beer,
a cruise down the Kampot River and you get to take in that beutiful sunset. I highly reccomend doing this crusie if you are in Kampot Cambodia.

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