Ice Cream Rolls in Thailand

Filmed in Patong Phuket

Today i show you Ice Cream Rolls in Thailand. Yesterday i showed you the Thai pancake, a very popular street desert in Phuket, Thailand and today were going to look at the ice cream rolls on the streets of Thailand. I believe Ice Cream Rolls have taken over the Thai pancake as Thailand’s number 1 Thai street food dessert. You can buy ice cream rolls at Central Festival in Pattaya, but you don’t see street vendors selling them on the streets in Pattaya, yet in Patong, Phuket they are everywhere.

I had to give one a try, the ice cream itself wasn’t to bad, the price was 100 baht, which is $4 AUD or $2.80USD so it’s reasonable but not cheap.

As i said yesterday in the Thai pancake video, if your an aspiring entrepreneur and live in a warm climate, or even just in the summer months, set up shop at your local market and start pumping out these ice creams and you never know your luck in a big city. I won’t only give you the idea, i will even name the business for yo. Ice Cream and Pancakes. Very generic and memorable. I’m even considering flying back to Australia and setting up and ice cream and pancake shop myself.

I couldn’t walk down the streets in Phuket without hearing that sound of the thai street vendor smashing away at the ice cream.

i only saw one street vendor selling ice cream rolls in Bangkok, that was on Khao San Road and he was hidden away. It was like he didn’t want to alert anyone to what he was doing for fear that it might breed competition.

Once you start eating the i-cream cream rolls it all blends in together just like a regular ice cream but as the old saying goes, it’s about the journey getting there, not the destination. I think the gimmick of how they make ice cream rolls is part of the attraction.

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