Hunting in Cambodia – Catching & Eating Birds

Eat or Die

In this episode i am invited to catch and eat birds. The method of catching the birds is quite unique. My friend Heck, uses a speaker system with a USB attached to play the mating calls of both male and female birds. The birds are attracted to the sound and come to find a mate, only to be caught in the unique traps used by the Khmer people.

I tried to get Heck to release the birds, but he would not listen. It is easy for me to say, but to Heck these birds were a meal for him, his family or his friends. Who am i to deny them a meal? T.I.C This is Cambodia and i am just a visitor in his country. I compare catching birds and eating them to a fisherman catching a fish to eat. There really is no difference. The only difference is our belief system, differentiating from culture to culture.

We tried 3 different spots before we finally caught the first bird, that’s why i sound a little bit excited. Before that time i had not even seen 1 bird flying in the sky.

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