How Scamming Thai Bar Girls Cheat to Win Lady Drinks

You can't scam a scammer, haha.

In this video i demonstrate tactics used by Thai bar girls to cheat at the game JACKPOT so they win ladydrinks from you.

A “ladydrink”is a drink purchased by a customer for the working girl behind the bar.

Tactic 1 – The girls will flip up a random number when you are distracted or when they have no options to go further in the game, and will continue play like everything is normal. If you are not concentrating this can happen without you even knowing and could result in you buying a lady drink.

Tactic 2 – The girls will flip up 2 of the numbered panels the moment you are distracted or looking away. They usually do this with number 7,8,9 as they are the number less likely to be rolled.

So, be alert when playing for drinks. These girls are doing this every single day of the year, they are professionals.

To increase your chances of winning, flip numbers 9,8,7 first as the probability of them being rolled is less likley due to the fact that the dice only goes upto 6. Once you 9,8,7 then start at 1 and go through to 6.

I hope you get something out of my video’s. I am having fun making them. Enjoy to time in Thailand! Until next time …….PEACE!!!!

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