Ham & Cheese Toasted Sandwich from 7 Eleven Thailand

A backpackers favourite!

Thailand 7 Eleven (7-11) – This video is for the people that are travelling on the cheap and looking for a cheap bite to eat without having to go for cheap Thai street food, One of the cheapest and best home comforts i have found are the Ham and cheese toasted sandwiches from 7-11 in Thailand. And it’s not just the price, they are actually very nice. they cost 25 baht, which is 1 AUD, so about 75 cents USD.

These are very popular with the backpacking crowd, especially around Khao San Road area in Bangkok. 7-11 not only sell you the ham and cheese sandwich, they will toast if for you right there and then in the store. Coming from Australia, having 7-11 toast your ham and cheese sandwich while you wait is something you just don’t see, it just wouldn’t happen. You can pay up to $8 to $10, maybe more for a basic ham & cheese sandwich one some parts of Australia and they are not as nice as these.

And if ham and cheese is not your style they do have lots of other choices. They have croissants which they will microwave for you. ham and cheese double croissant, sausage cheese double croissant, bacon and cheese double croissant, shredded pork and salad cream, tuna salmon croissant, sausage cheese and fried egg, sausage and cheese, carbonara, sausage cake sandwich, custard cake, tuna pumpkin sandwich. I didn’t see it here but sometimes i get the tuna croissant toasted, there not bad either for about $1 USD.

The Thai people don’t understand the meaning of toasted, they think because it has been in the toaster for 2 minutes that is cooked and ready to eat. I like to make sure it is toasted to my liking, with a nice golden brown. That can take up to 5-6 minutes.

So if you are looking for something cheap, you don’t want to eat street food, get yourself into a 7-11. grab yourself a ham & cheese toasty and tell them Dead Farang sent you.

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  1. Can you get a Slurpee though? I’m askin’ the important questions.

    • hi Tom, good question, but the answer is no. i can’t remember ever seeing Slurpee in Thailand which i find strange because it is warm over there and 7 Eleven are known for Slurpee in Australia. Regards DF

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