Guns N’ Roses Concert in Bangkok Thailand, 2017

"Not In This Life Time" World Tour

On February 28th, 2017 Guns N’ Roses played in Bangkok Thailand at SCG Stadium in Nonthaburi as part of their Not In This Lifetime world tour. It has been a childhood dream of mine to see my favorite music band Guns N’ Roses and my all time favorite musician Axl Rose perform live. I waited 29 years for this day and GNR did not let me down.

When Guns N’ Roses visited Melbourne in 1993 and played at Calder Park in front of 90,000 people, I was 12 or 13 years old at the time and for whatever reason i didn’t go. My older brother did go, and it turned out to be a infamous concert in the history of Melbourne. The weather was about 40 degrees all day then it was hot with a sand storm and torrential rain. An absolute massive storm, and Guns N’ Roses continued to play throughout all of that.

Once i heard they were doing this Not In This Life Time tour i promised myself i would go and see them when i get the opportunity. They did play in Melbourne recently when i was there, but i chose to see my favorite band Guns N’ Roses in my favorite city Bangkok.

Having seen Guns N’ Roses perform live in Bangkok now, i would of seen them in Melbourne and again in Bangkok that how much i loved watching them perform live.

With their money and at their age they could be forgiven for coming on stage and going through their paces and getting it over and done with, but to their credit they came on stage and rocked hard non-stop for almost 3 hours in very warm conditions. I was fortunate enough to be up close and at one stage Slash 3-4 meters from me and i could see the sweat pouring down his arms, along his fingers and dripping from the bottom of his guitar.

They did miss a few of my favorite songs. Patience, Used to love her, one in a million, all from the GNR lies album. Come to think of it i don’t think they played 1 song from that album which was the only negative i take from the night.

The songs that had the best reaction was Sweet Child O Mine. with a special mention to Its so easy, Welcome To The Jungle, Night Train, You Could Be Mine, Knocking On Heavens Door, November Rain, Don’t Cry, My Michelle, Rocket Queen, Mr Brownstone, Estranged, Civil War, Attitude, Estranged, Live And Let Live, Yesterday, Paradise City.

Unfortunately a lot of the audio on the video i recorded did not come out to well. Out of respect to GNR and their music i will not be putting up anything that is sub par. I managed to salvage a few clips which i will play for you shortly.

All in all i had a amazing night. I give the performance a solid 10/10. They came, They Soared, They Conquered. They kicked some ass. Guns N’ Roses, I thank you!

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