A gift from a Youtube Subscriber

Recently in Manila i received Facebook message from a Subscriber telling me she was an avid fan of the channel and she would like to meet me if i had time. I was out in a bar and invited her to come and meet me. This was the 1st Subscriber i have arranged to meet, I have meet others but they are by chance meetings. I must say that meeting a Subscriber and fan of the channel makes this whole Youtube exercise so much more real.

She was a lovely lady to talk to and i was just as excited to meet her as she was to meet me. She explained to me she was an artist, to which i asked if she could draw me a face picture of the Dead Farang face for me to hang proudly in my office. I also asked her to record it and if it came out well i could make a video of it to which she obliged.

Going over the footage i discovered not only is she a great artist she also has an amazing voice, please stay to the end to hear her sing, keeping in mind English is not her first language.

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