The Famous Pattaya Sign – Aaron Lewis – Vicious Circles

Vicious Circles by Aaron Lewis. Back in 2012 i had just spent 3 weeks with, and fallen for a Thai bar girl, I had lost a 50,000 baht deposit on a condominium purchase after i pulled out on the deal on advice from others, my holiday was coming to an end, and Fox News kept playing this song “Vicious Circles” by Aaron Lewis.

Sitting in my hotel room, my mind was in dark place and this song really struck a chord with me. I was leaving a girl i didn’t want to leave and i knew the reality of it. I knew the minute i had gone she would be back working in the bar unless i sent her money, and that wasn’t going to happen.

Listening to this song in that mind frame made me think that Pattaya was one big “Vicious Circle”.

I’ve had the idea for this video since that time, but only now had the chance to make it. Listen to the song, read between the lines and you will see where im coming from.

I know this video was a little different, and i am expecting a mixed response. I hope you like it, give it a huge thumbs up, leave a comment and click that subscribe button, and don’t forget to tell your friends about Dead Farang on Youtube.

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