Electricity Powerlines and Cable lines in Thailand

Power lines in Thailand – One of the first things most people notice when visiting Thailand for the 1st time are the messy power lines. Truth be known, these are not actually the power lines. You can see the power lines are much higher. They are a combination of cables for cable internet, cable TV and of course telecommunications.

Believe it or not, these guys do actually have some idea on what they are dong. He is not up there going for his daily stroll, he has a job to do and wont come down until that job is complete.
If you saw an electrician doing this in your home country, you would call up work safe and have the business shut down immediately. But T.I.T This is Thailand!!!

In some morbid way i did hope he got a little zap, just to spice up the video that little bit extra, and maybe send it viral but fortunately for him he didn’t as these cables are do not live.

I even remember as a young kid, kicking the football out in the street and the ball getting caught in the tree, climbing up the tree to get the ball and actually touching the telephone cables. Not a very smart thing to do as a young kid, not knowing what might happen but fortunately they are not live and i lived to tell the tale.

It’s not something that you most likely wouldn’t see in your homes country, but over here in Thailand it is a fairly common sight.
There has been circumstances where unstable poles have collapsed due to excessive weight put on them by an overload of cables, and because of that reason the authorities are looking at ways to get them put underground. I know they have done it in some areas of Bangkok, and there has been recent talks of getting it down in Pattaya and Phuket.

This pole here actually looks quite neat. If you have been to Thailand you would of seen a much messier display of cables. Keep in mind this is just one telephone pole, and there are millions more just like it all over Thailand. Where would you even start to try and fix this issue?

They could work on fixing the power line issue in Thailand for the next 100 years and i don’t think the job would be complete. It is a massive massive job and i can’t see it being resolved anytime soon.

And you wouldn’t want to have a first floor apartment. It wouldn’t be to hard for a cat burglar to creep along those cables when your not home, jump over onto your balcony and sneak into your room, rob you of your cash, cards and gold and then take of into the darkness of the night. Something to keep in mind. Always lock your balcony door if there is access via the telecom cables.

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