Drunken Noodles – Pad Kee Mao

Thai Street Food Pattaya

In this episode i am on Soi Dianna, the sun is shinning, its a beautiful day on the streets of Pattaya and i’m ordering myself some Thai Street Food named Pad Kee Mao which is known as Drunken Noodles.

The Thai street vendor starts of by adding the noodles to boiling water, some cauliflower and carrot. The name of this dish came about because if you can imagine yourself coming home drunk cooking up a some noodles and throwing in a little bit of everything in, not really paying to much attention, not really caring That’s why they call it Pad Kee Mao, as if you are a drunk person cooking up some noodles just throwing in everything left right and center.

Next she adds baby corn, In the mean time she has chopped up some type of green, maybe some type of spinach, anything that is green and leafy i just call Chinese greens. When cooking with the Kaffir Lime Leaves, be very careful not to overdose it, they can ruin a dish. I did learn that the hard way. Be careful when using them whilst cooking. Unripened or green peppercorns, another one of my favorites goes in next.

She actually cooks this Pad Kee Mao dish in 2 half’s. First she cooks the noodles in water with some of the vegetables. and then after that she stir-frys the pork and mix’s the 2 together for one final fry up. Part 2 of the cooking process she starts of by adding oil, i know one of my loyal subscribers Sodthong would not be happy with that, that looked like vegetable oil and as Sodthong has taught me along the way coconut oil is a much more healthier option.

From here she adds garlic and chilli. I told her not to spicy, followed by the pork, Kaffir lime leaves and green peppercorns. Once there in the pan, give em a good fry up, mix them around, make sure the meat is cooked through.

This lady can be found most days on Soi Diana just outside the beers bars, about 1/3 of the way up coming from second road.

Once the meat is cooked, she adds the noddles and finally adds the Thai basil. The flavor of the Thai basil, Kaffir lime leaves, the peppercorns, the garlic and the chilli combined with the soy and fish sauce plus the meat and vegetables is explosive.

Once she is finished she serves it into a take away bowl, you can pull up a chair at the bar, take a seat on the gutter or take back home and eat there, upto you!

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