DF Update – I’ve landed in Bangkok

After a 10 hour delay in Melbourne, watching Creed and a sleeping tablet i finally touched down in the city of Angels, Bangkok Thailand. Fortunately Jet star did text me the night before i was due to leave, so i didn’t waste 10 hours lying around the airport, i used that time to my advantage to get some things done that i hadn’t already done. Once we got of the ground there was slight turbulence but overall it was a good flight.

I managed to score 2 seats to myself which is always good on a 9 hour flight and for some reason i was also given free access to the in flight entertainment for free. I watched the movie “Creed” before taking a sleeping tablet and crashing out for 4-5 hours.

I am travelling with my mate Harry, Harry not his real name, we call him Harry to make it easier for the Thai girls because they cant say his real name properly. But anyway he didn’t get it for free, and i did, so bad luck for him.

I’m guessing a lot of people want to know whats going on. I arrived in Thailand on a 60 tourist visa. I applied for that In Melbourne. It cost me $45. I printed the forms online and sent it to the Thai Consulate in Melbourne and within 2 days they had sent my passport back with an approved visa. I can extend this for an extra 30 days, giving me a total of 90 days in Thailand. Lets just see what happens after 60 days. I do have some plans, i don’t want to say to much, nothing is really set in concrete, i’m in this for the long haul and it is exciting times ahead for the DF YT Channel.

For the first week or 2, don’t expect to much. I will be taking it a little bit easy, i do have my mate Harry with me for the first 4 weeks and you know, were busy doing a few things, he has a bit of business he needs to take care of to and i’m just tagging along for that.

I do plan on bringing you the same style of videos i have from day 1. There has been some success you could say. And for that purpose i will continue create videos in that style.

I would also like to try doing some vlogs. Now i have a little bit of a practice walking around talking out loud to my self and the camera and i msut say it does feel very very strange. I have come to the realization to all vloggers might be clinically insane. If you didn’t have a camera in your hand people would be calling the psychiatric home on ya. Saying look at this bloke walking around talking to himself, he’s got mental problems, put him in a home. But anyway that’s world we live in, the world of vlogging. So i will try that, my sytle will be plain, pretty simple. Don’t expect miracles from day 1, but i’m sure over time when i get a little bit more experience in that type of video i will bring you a much better production.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my next video.

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