Day 1 on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

A backpackers Island. Some amazing beaches.

Koh Rong is an Island in Cambodia, located about 25 kilometers of the Sihanoukville coastline. I visited Koh Rong recently for 2 nights. I purchased my boat ticket to Koh Rong on the speed boat for $18. This is an open return ticket that is valid for 30 days. The speed boat to Koh Rong takes 45 minutes. The other option is to buy a slow ferry ticket, that cost $10 for a open return ticket and travel time is 2 hours.

I arrived with no accommodation. I got off at the first stop. I think it might have 2 stops, but i didn’t ask as i just wanted to get on Koh Rong and start exploring, plus it looked like there was a hive of activity going on. I left my big suitcase back in Sihanoukville. I booked a fan only room at a hotel for $6 USD and left my bag there. Lucky i made this decision as wheeling a 17 kg suitcase around on the Koh Rong beach sand would not of gone down well. Time for a proper backpack i think,

I eventually made my around away from the pier and found myself at Tree House Bungalows and Jungle House Bungalows. It was much quieter there and the beach was so much nicer than near the pier. My room cost $15 USD per night. No air-con, No TV, No fridge, No in room wi-fi and the wi-fi at reception was out for my entire stay there. You can see the bungalow in my video.

I did enjoy my 2 nights on Koh Rong Island, but i could not settle in. I wanted to get back to Sihanoukville and edit up some videos, i wanted wi-fi and i wanted easy access to things. Koh Rong is very primitive. I felt like i was on a camping expedition. I did however find one of the best beaches i have seen in Asia, if not the best beach i have ever seen. Almost better than Australian beaches. I will show this in my next video Kog Rong Day 2.

The nightlife on Koh Rong is very relaxed and chilled. I did not see much of a party scene where i was, although there was some “big party” around on Police Beach. They wanted $10 entry, or $5 entry if you had a pre-paid ticket. No thanks. They should be paying me to make an appearance. I think they are trying to promote a full moon party in the same fashion that Thailand has done on Koh Phangan.

I will definitely like to come back and spend more time on Koh Rong, explore a different part of the Island and enjoy it for what it is worth. Koh Rong is becoming more popular amongst tourists as is Cambodia on a whole. I expect the development on Koh Rong to increase exponentially in the coming years.

Stay tuned for Day 2 on Koh Rong Island in Cambodia with Dead Farang.

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