Colon Hydrotherapy in Thailand

In the Doot.

In this episode i experience Colon Hydrotherapy in Thailand. I am at Rasayana Retreat which is on North Pattaya Road, in Pattaya Thailand. It is only a few meters from the well known Muay Thai training camp Fairtex Pattaya.

I decided to try Colon Hydrotherapy, which is also known as Colonic Irrigation and/or Colon Cleansing on a spur of the moment after reading some potential benefits. I have a family history of Bowel Cancer and my Dad is always reminding me that i need to have a Colonoscopy ASAP but definitely no later than age 40. My younger brother recently has a colonoscopy and the doctors found 11 polyps which were burnt off. I used this a test run or warm up to the much bigger Colonoscopy i must have in the near future.

The Colon Hydrotherapy cost 3100 Thai Baht, which included a 20 minute castor oil massage into my stomach and abdomen. I did not look around for the best price, or compare prices to Australia before i went with the treatment. It was purely a spur of the moment thing. Thailand has become a place well known for medical procedures and health retreats offering colon hydrotherapy are becoming increasingly popular in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and Ko Samui.

Although there is no scientific evidence that Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonic Irrigation or Colon Cleansing has any benefit i can honestly say from my experience i did feel “cleaner” and “lighter” having had the treatment. I also felt a greater sense of health well being. Overall i would say i did receive some benefit from it.

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2 Comments on Colon Hydrotherapy in Thailand

  1. Hi Dead Farag,
    but in this center have oil massage with happy ending too? Because i d like in fairtex hotel and massage in rasayanna in morning. 😉
    I don t know about if it is better massage shop but i seen that i can to make colon cure program for detox my body. Is it painfull?

    • hi PI, I don’t think so, i didn’t ask. I doubt it very mucvh. it seems much more professional than the average massage shop in Pattaya, Regards DF

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