Chiang Mai Hotel – Pornping Tower

Pornping Hotel, Chiang Mai THAILAND Pornping Hotel, Chiang Mai THAILAND

Whilst i was in Chiang Mai recently i stayed at Pornping Tower Hotel. I booked it online at and it cost me $32 AUD per night, which is about $23 USD or 830 baht.

It situated on the outskirts of the old city and is only a short walk to Loy Kroh Rd. It an 18 story building. 20 years ago this would of been the place to stay, you can see it would of been very luxurious once upon a time. It has been neglected and is a little run down and definitely feeling the test of time. I was staying on the 18th level.

My first thought was shit, it’s got carpet. I don’t like to stay in hotel rooms with carpet. It’s my personal preference. I know others prefer carpet over tiles, but i prefer tiles. I stayed here 4 nights and over time the time the room did grow on me because i was on level 18 it was very quiet and the room was very big.

You can see the room furniture looks a little old fashioned and outdated. It did have a great view of Chiang Mai. You can see the mountains in the background. During my stay in Chiang Mai they were going through a heat wave. The weather was 41 degrees all day everyday for a week. It was absoloutly insane. I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking.

The room has a new Plasma TV, they had this wooden thing, your meant to jump on it and it gives you some type of foot massage.
That needs to go. That’s probably been there for 20 years ago.

You get 2 free bottles of water daily, the mini bar is very lack luster, a few cans soft drink, a few beers and some water.

The bathroom is passable but i still showered in thongs, i all ways do when im travelling around. It’s just a habit i picked up as a kid when i was OCD and paranoid about catching Tinea.

The wardrobes have plenty of stroage space, there is also a few extra V pillows. There are no in room safe, but they do have safe deposit box at reception.

The dressing gowns are an old fashioned item in hotels rooms, no one ever wheres them same with the slippers.

Buffet breakfast was included, you had the choice of cereals, fruits, egg station over there where you could get any type of egg you wanted, scrambled, omelette, boiled or fried, your choice, coffee and tea, juices, water, breads, toast, croissants, muffins, local curry with chicken and herbs, rice soup, that’s always popular with Thai people, plus a selection of other asian and western dishes, noodles, fried rice, vegetables and salads.

They do have a pool, you can order drink but there is no food pool side. It is an old building, lots of pigeons flying around.

I would NOT stay here again if i went back to Chiang Mai. I would try and find something in the old city. My visit to Chiang Mai was a little disapointing, for me it jsut didnt have the x factor to stimulate the sensors that DF requiers.

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