Buying a suit in Thailand. Tailor Made Custom Suits.

How much is a suit in Thailand?

Getting a custom suit in Thailand

Tailors in Thailand are everywhere. If you are looking for custom made Tailored suits, shirts, pants then Thailand is a great to place to visit. It’s not only suits that these Tailors cater for. They also can make custom women’s clothing to order.

Thailand is well known for there Tailors. It is impossible to walk down the street and not be asked “G’day mate, you want a suit? A nice suit for you?” It can be annoying after a while, but you learn to just ignore them and keep walking.

I met Aneal from Prada Collection on the corner of Soi 6/1 and Beach Road in Pattaya Thailand. i was ordering a coffee from a drinks vendor and struck up a conversation with him about some random topic. We spoke for 5-10 mins. He did not once try and sell me a suit. it was only when i asked him what he was doing here that he told me he works for Prada Collection, as he pointed to his shop 20 meters away.

I had every intention on getting a Tailored custom suit made in Thailand, so this was the perfect opportunity to get fitted up.

I had chosen my fabrics and then decided it would make a good video. So I asked him and he said it was OK to film.

I did bargain hard with him. I always have since i was 16 yeas old on the streets of Bali and always will. I work hard for my money and don’t like to pay more than i have to.

How much are tailored suits in Thailand? Aneal first quoted me 4700 baht ($130 USD, $188 AUD, 118 EUR ). i was not just hard bargaining for me. I was doing it for my viewers also. I know some of you are new to Thailand and might want to get custom made clothing when you are in Thailand. Now you have a benchmark to go by.

I negotiated the price down to 3800 Baht ($105 USD, $152 AUD,95 EUR ), and you can see from the video it was hard to do. He did not want to budge. This price include 1 full suit. Jacket, Paints, Shirt and he gave me a free Tie. Overall i was very happy with my custom made tailored suit. If you plan on buying more than 1 tailor made suit then your bargaining power is greater and you can expect to pay a cheaper price.

If you are visiting Pattaya go and see Aneal. Try and bargain hard with him and better my deal. If he is keeping the price to high, tell him you saw the video on Dead Farang and DF only paid 3800 with a 200 baht tip. Good luck & thanks for watching! suit in Thailand

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  1. How long does it take to receive the suit?

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