Bizzare Pattaya Busker

In this episode i tell you about this little street performer i first met on an earlier trip. He was well dressed and in much better shape. 12 months later i noticed him again on Walking Street Pattaya Thailand. This time he was wearing no t-shirt and he had shoes on that were about 4 sizes to big along with a dirt old pair of shorts.

Unfortunately Pattaya had got the better of him. Pattaya City does have a reputation of destroying strong men. You need to be very careful of what company you keep and who you call friends.

If you have a weakness, Pattaya will find it and destroy you. You cannot run from the problems in your life back home by escaping to Pattaya. Many people follow their nose to Pattaya hoping there life will be much better. However, in time there life is much worse of than it ever was.

You need to have a strong mind to live in Pattaya. Stay out of trouble, don’t do drugs, have your wits about you, think with your big head and not your little head and remember Bar Girls Can’t Eat Love.

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