The Phuket Fortune Teller

Time will tell.

When i first visited this fortune teller on Bangla Road Patong Beach in Phuket Thailand i had just come from attending at trade show in China. I had been looking for products i could import to Australia and sell online

In big bold letters across the top of my business cards it said “Import Export”. When i went to this fortune teller he told me i “IMPORT EXPORT”. Out of all the things he could of said, he pulled that one out of is hat. I couldn’t believe it and still to this day it bewilders me. I had one of my brothers there as a witness, so he can back me up on that one.

In regard to this reading he said 2016/2017 will be good years & happy. I have plans on travelling for at least the next two years,
and travelling does make me happy, so i guess you can say he is right about that.

He also said ” famous” , maybe i will become famous on youtube, lets see what happens. hopefully he is right about that. At what point do you become “famous” on youtube?

Another thing he said was “dreams”. If you read the description on my youtube channel i do use the word “dreams” which is what i have done, I quit my job to chase my dream. So i can’t dispute that one.

And “Big Project this year and next year”. I see building my youtube channel as the big project and my plan is to grow it in the next 2 years, so he is 100% correct with that.

Generally I don’t belĂ­eve in this type of stuff, especially not from a old hippy looking thai guy, but he has said some things that i definitely can relate to. Lets see what the future hold for DF.

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2 Comments on The Phuket Fortune Teller

  1. Do you have a contact for this fortune teller

    • Hi Michelle, I don’t have an umber but he can be found on Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand on the beach end of the road. he comes out late at night. Regards DF

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