A 30 minute tour around a 7 Eleven store in Thailand.

You can find a 7 Eleven in Thailand every 50 meters.

7-11 in Thailand are very popular. whether it be food or drinks. They seem to be on every road, every 100 meters. They sell everything from alcohol, cigarettes, drinks, chips, beauty products, pens, paper, kids toys, ice creams, pre made meals fresh and frozen, noodles, dog food, baby food, toiletries and almost anything else that you can think of.

7-11 in Thailand are opened 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. They are very convenient when you need something at all times of the night and you can be sure the nearest 7-11 store is not to far away.

The first 7 Eleven store opened up in Bangkok Thailand back in 1989 on the world famous Patpong Road. Since then 7 Eleven has grown in popularity among the Thai people and Thailand now has the 3rd most number of 7-11 stores in the word, behind Japan and the United States.

One thing is cant understand is why 7 Elevens in Thailand don’t sell slurpees. Slurpee’s are very popular in my home country Australia, especially during the summer months. I don”t remember seeing a Slurpee machine in the 7 Eleven stores which is surprising as i think they would be very popular in the warmer climate.

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