A Bangkok Taxi Driver – Bangkok To Pattaya

Khao San Road taxi driver

I met this taxi driver on Khao San Road. We wanted to get to Pattaya and i negotiated a deal with the driver. The agreed price was 1000 baht and i payed the road tolls.

You can get mini vans around Khao San Road that will take you to Pattaya for about 300 baht but you will be crammed into the van like sardines and it can be a uncomfortable ride.

This trip was on Labour Day and leading into a 4 or 5 day holiday for the Thai people so lots of them headed towards Pattaya for a break. The total trip usually takes about 90-120 minutes depending on traffic and your driver, however due to the mass traffic this trip took closer to 4 hours.

In the end i payed him 1200 plus i payed the tolls. A 200 baht tip for his extra time, calmness and overall good attitude was well deserved. He was a happy guy, family man and offered so many great tips and advice about Thailand.

If you are on Khao San Road, keep a look out for this guy. He has worked Khao San Road for 18 years and is there every day. Tell him Dead Farang says Hi.

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