Why is my name Dead Farang?

A bit of history with DF

In this episode i want to answer a question i have recieved quite a bit over the past 2 years since i started Dead Farang, and that is why is my name Dead Farang? or how did you come up with the name Dead Farang?

When i started travelling alone, i was doing alot more research online, reading forums, read thai news sites and one thing that did strike me was the number of farangs were dying in Thailand. I would see it on the news every week, a few times a week, another Dead Farang and i was quite taken back by it. To me Thailand was this Paradise, what i see as a beautiful holiday destination, warm weather, amazing food, cheap living costs, plenty of beautiful women and there just seems to be a lot of Dead Farang and i was quite intrigued by this and also interested as to why, what, how? Why do so many Farangs come to Thailand and end up dying.

Around this time Myspace.com was very popular and there was an off-shoot website called “mysdeathspace.com” which was a website that was an archive of people who had a myspace page and had died, sort of like an online cemetery. I stumbled across mydeathspace one day and thought it was a very interesting concept.

By now it is mid to late 2000’s, Ive always been bit of a thinker, and i had this idea to create a website and document every Dead Farang that’s ever died in Thailand, sort of like an encyclopedia of deaths in Thailand. All that put together and i came up with the name Dead Farang, so my website was originally going to be called Dead Farang.

I never created that website it was just an random idea i had at the time. Now, somewhere in 2011 and i discovered a website called Youtube. I typed Thailand into the search box and i discovered a channel named retirecheapJC, so im sitting at home watching JC from Retire Cheap.Asia, I’m happy to say i was one of his very early subscribers. I must of been in his first 500. I used to watch him religiously. JC is the the pioneer of this whole Thailand Youtube thing.

Anyone that knows me, knows i like to tell story’s, I like to share my travel experiences. When i go on a holidays and i come back and i have story’s to tell and what better way to share my experiences and tell my travel story’s than on this website through Youtube videos. I could show my friends and family what i was doing, where i was and they could see it with there own eyes. I could show them basically what im seeing through my own eyes without verbally saying a word to them. I was in awe of this newly discovered website YOUTUBE. So then i was brainstorming on ideas what name i could use for my Youtube channel, then it came back to me “Dead Farang”. I already thought of the name earlier with my website idea, it was memorable and from there i created the Dead Farang account on Youtube back in 2011. I didn’t upload my 1st video until july 1st, 2014 on the DF channel, so there was a lot of time in between having the idea and uploading my first video.

deadfarang.com domain name was registered in 2013. After i had uploaded a handful of videos i then purchased the artwork of the Dead Farang logo from a cartoonist, he cost me $200 USD for my little cartoon logo which i must admit i have become quite come fond of. During the proccess of getting the artwork, i ensure he had his own custom made DF belt buckle, a fist full of 100’s and thong or flip-flip on 1 foot. They story behnd the thong takes me back to Sihanoukville Cambodia in 2010 where i witnessed a guy walking down the street with a single thong on 1 foot, so i took that memory and incorporated it into the DF logo.If only that guy knew he in someway he contributed to the identity of Dead farang by wearing 1 thong on that day hahaha. I suppose 1 thong is better than none.

I definitely have a bond with this character. Dead Farang has sort of become my alter ego to an extent, he is my identity on Youtube which i find quite funny. That is the background story on where the Dead Farang name came from.

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