Vlog #1 – One Way Ticket to Bangkok ( $276 )

OK, so the last 5 weeks i have been very busy. I have not been making videos or posting much on Facebook. I have been organizing my life for a huge change and what is the biggest decision i have made in my life. I have booked a 1 way ticket to Bangkok with no intention to return anytime soon. Although i have some brief outline of what i want to do, nothing is set in concrete which will give me flexibility to do what i want, when i want.

Same channel, new direction! I will bring you the same style of videos i always have but i also plan on trying something new. I will also show you alot more of Thailand and S.E Asia. The time has come for DF to pull the trigger.

Life is short and you are a long time dead. I am walking away from a job that pays good money with an RDO every 2 weeks, plus all the overtime i could ask for to. This move has been 10 years in the making. It is not a decision made lightly.

Follow my journey and see where it takes me. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my next video and more information.

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